MauzoLAB - scripting experiments, public version

Try it at:

As I switched to a cheaper server, I wont run MauzoLAB constantly to save ressources. If you want to try it, contact me.

The MauzoLAB is a SA-MP server occasionally running some experimental scripts, open for
testing for everyone.
For any questions, feedback, or problems, contact me (Mauzen) via the forums:

Current status:
Active, Offline
Running the experimental Fallout 1/2-like script (check this link for updates)
Update: I wrote a small script for updating the MauzoLAB server quickly. With this Ill put updates online more often.

Features are very limited, right now you can walk, and attack vehicles, and use parts of the GUI, thats all.
A basic tutorial is given when joining the server.
Additional information and presentation: Forum thread

18.12.2014: So someone seriously tried to brute-force the MauzoLAB RCON yesterday. And shortly after the same guy (or someone else)
obviously tried a bot flood. Even though this was absolutely ineffective, and "hacking" a testserver is one of the most pointless
things you could waste your time with, I do not tolerate stuff like that and already took actions.